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The 4th International Summit Forum of Writers, Translators and Critics Held in GXU

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    From December 6 to 8, the 4th International Summit Forum of Writers, Translators and Critics, a high-level academic forum aiming to build a dialogue platform for scholars from the east and the west, was held in Guangxi University. The forum is hosted by Guangxi University and jointly organized by School of Foreign Languages and Literatures and Asia-Pacific Translation and Intercultural Communication Research Institute of Guangxi University. Zha Danming, Vice-Secretary of the CPC Guangxi University Committee, delivered a welcoming speech at the opening ceremony. 13 internationally renowned writers, translators and critics from the United States, Britain, Canada, Belgium, Spain as well as other countries and regions were invited to deliver keynote speeches, and over 100 scholars from universities and scientific research institutions attended the forum.

     The theme of this year’s forum is "Cooperation of Writers, Translators and Critics under Cross-cultural Perspective". One main venue and four sub-venues, as well as a Q&A journal editor session were held during the forum.

      Keynote speakers including professor Luo Xuanmin, a Junwu Scholar of Guangxi University, professor Judith Woodsworth from Concordia University in Montreal of Canada, professor Xie Shaobo from University of Calgary of Canada, professor Regenia Gagnier from University of Exeter in the United Kingdom, professor Alicia Relinque Eleta from University of Granada in Spain gave wonderful speeches on topics of writing and translating in multilingual city, creating world literature towards articulating a dynamic assemblage, the geopolitics of language and literature migration, the blurred borders of translation in translation studies, creative convergence of translating & bilingual writing, and so on. The forum’s special guest speaker, Mr.Rafael Dezcallar Mazarredo, an eminent Spanish writer ,delivered a speech entitled "Writing as a Bridge between Cultures", in which he elucidated the important role writers and translators plays in international cultural communication.

      Participants spoke highly of the forum, claiming that they benefited a lot from the sparkling speeches and discussions. In his closing speech, Professor Luo Xuanmnin, chair of the forum said, “the forum has successfully built a platform for writers, translators, and critiques to exchange views on literary writing and translation. In the meantime, the forum has created a channel that helped facilitate Chinese culture ‘going global’.”


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